Son is an angler, Mom catches boots and tires…

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My oldest son is a fantastic angler. He can, in 10 short minutes, pull in 5,000 – 9,000 Bells (that’s $$ in Animal Crossing.) Fishing for me, on the other hand, is not at all consistent, and when I do get one in, it isn’t worth nearly as much.

He’ll patiently watch me fish and give me pointers, and then laugh at me when I consistently fail. I get a very well intentioned, ‘hey mom, I’ll do some fishing for you so you can take a break…”
Nice guy, that kid is.

DS Daily – 1st Place and loads of letters

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Whew! Quick status update on the games…


Max is my German Shepherd, and a natural at Disc competitions. He won 1st place in the open competition today with a total of 21 pts and some very nice jumping catches at long distances. Way to go Max!

On the down side, he’s forgotten how to sit down on command. So do you delete the command and start again or hope that it comes back? At this point, we’re unlikely to do well in the Obedience trials.

My daughter’s beagle, Rachel, seems to not like canned dog food. So, no more for her. Max has an adversion to sticks, and growled at the thing until I put it away.

Animal Crossing – Wild World:

Wrote a ton of letters and sent out gifts to the whole dern town. From playing on the GameCube, I know that letters are key to successful relationships with the town folks. Oh, and bizarre real life parallel – real estate agents with databases that they consistent send relevant and useful correspondence with tend to do really well. If you meet an agent who’s netting 6 Million Gross Commission Income or more you can bet that they are sending out letters. Works in real life, works in Animal Crossing.

Gamermom and the Ladies of Football League Championships!

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While I’m back and forth between my Nintendo DS, cleaning the house for visiting family, making gingerbread castles, etc. etc….I’m also very excited about the football games this week. I’m in the league championships for the Ladies of Football. Whahoo!

Greg Kellogg, who was writing fantasy football articles for Kellogg’s Komments and is now an advisor for, started a ladies league back in….oh man….1997?! For 8 years we’ve been playing. A few of us have played the whole time. The drafts are great fun, and while there isn’t as much smack talk during the season, there are a few players there that I truly admire.

This year, I’ve made it to the final game…the big matchup! Woohooo!

My lineup:

Brett Favre (Q)
Tiki Barber (RB) – I adore those brothers!
Clinton Portis (RB)
Chad Johnson (WR) – my opponent has him as well – we’re essentially 2 leagues battling it out
Jimmy Smith (WR)
Donte Stalworth (WR)
Jason Whitten (TE)
John Kasey (K)
Chicago Bears (d)

Leaving Reggie Wayne and Thomas Jones on the bench – those folks in Indy need a hiatus.

There’s a trophy at stake – alright! If you want to check out the league, we’re out at

Animal Crossing Friends Info

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Code: 3866-0916-4819
Name: Poppy
Town: Speyside
Fruit: Cherry

The snowmen here are great!

Quick update – gave ya’ll the wrong friend code! – Grandma, let me play that video game! – Dec 28, 2005

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Thanks to our reader, Mike Weiland, for pointing out the gaming grandma! Wonderful stuff. Not only are the hand-eye coordination and mental stimulations comments right on, but gaming opens up a whole new social and communication medium for folks who may not find getting out and about quite as easy as it once was.

My oldest told me a few years ago that he really hoped that we still gamed online together once he grew up and left home. Once I got over the shock that my 10yo even thought about such things, I told him ‘honey, I hope to get to play with you and all my grandchildren.’ – Grandma, let me play that video game! – Dec 28, 2005

Rock on, Grandma!