Mario Unleashed – Google Video

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Mario Unleashed – Google Video

Now, if these were my kids, I’d be the loudest parent voice out there.

These kids are resourceful:

  • The found, or recreated, the sheet music to the Mario games.
  • They put together a nice stage show.
  • The clearly practiced and worked really hard.

The kind of thing that would make any gamer parent proud.

35% of Parents also Gamers?!

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501 parents were surveyed by the ESA last November from across the country.

  • These were parents of 2-17 year olds
  • ‘Gamer parent’ was definied as parents who play computer or video games, but not only desktop card games or childrens games.

Of those surveyed – a whopping 35% were gamer parents. 80% reported gaming with their children, and of those 66% felt “that playing games has brought their families closer together.”

But the good news doesn’t stop there. 73% are not only engaged parents, those folks are engaged voters.

A vast majority (85 percent) of all voter parents (both gamer and non-gamer) say that they — not government, retailers, or game publishers –should take the most responsibility in monitoring childrens’ exposure to games that may have content that is inappropriate for minors. Further, by a nearly two to one margin (60% vs. 36%) parents agree that it is not the role of government to regulate game sales in an attempt to protect kids from exposure to violent and/or sexual video game content. “This research suggests that proposals to regulate video games may backfire with American voters who, unlike some elected officials, appear to fully understand that they should control the entertainment that comes into their homes,” Lowenstein said.

Italics up there are mine; isn’t that a nice statistic to wake up to? Interestingly, the Republican/Democratic spilt is nearly equal (35%/36%). Are those legislators listening to this? This is indicating a significant population of parents who are actively playing games with their kids, savvy voters, and willing to take on personal responsibility!


The ESA press release is worth looking at. The folks over at Gamers with Jobs have a post about it.

Viva la GamerParents!

Sudoku games could awaken survival genes | | CNET

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Sudoku games could awaken survival genes | | CNET

Our oldest son plays Sodoku – and articles like this validate what might otherwise be thought of as an old wive’s tale – games keep your brain active, make you smarter, and are good for you.

As a gamermom, I try to stay on top of particularly engaging games. Mastiff is making a version for the Game Boy Advanced – which I expect will go over pretty well. (Althought it will most often be played on our DS system).

If you have a kid interested in the game, take some time to go read up on the mathematics of soduko at Wikipedia.
This is looking like excellent science fair project material. We’ll definitely be cracking at the graph paper and pencils some this weekend.

Jonathan Zabel: Laws or Parenting?

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Jonathan Zabel: Laws or Parenting?

Jonathan blogs about a conversation with a manager at EB Games that talks to parents about mature games before selling it.

The gaming industry is full of thoughtful folks that consider these kinds of issues. They are self-regulating, and they engage in a dialogue about how the products they create and sell impact their consumers. How fantastic is that?

Civ 4 – Dad & Daughter Explore History

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As I sit here blogging, Dad is showing our 9 year old daughter the various civilizations that are available as starting civs in Sid Meier’s Civilization IV. The English regents to chose from are: Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Victoria. (Interestingly, there are 5 different female regents to pick from, out of a total of 18 civilzations.)

Each monarch has a nice portrait (in period costume) with a small description of the characterists of their civilization:

Elizabeth I is recognized as Philosophical and Financial, while Victoria is noted as Expansive and Financial. Nice little stepping off point to a mini-history lesson.

They’ve just started, so we may have more actual commentary later. At the moment, my daughter’s astute assessment is that the game is likely to take ‘6.5 hours, or forever.’ Is it possible that she has baby memories of the Avalon Hill board game and endless days of Civ parties? Maybe this is more an observation about her father and his proclivity for gaming?

Overheard comment:
Daughter: “Why would you want slavery? Slavery is bad?”
Dad: “Well, it has a use in the game, and later on you can also get emancipation.”
Daughter: “Oh, so it’s useful?”
From there a conversation ensues about the way people respond to slavery, and the dynamics of slavery across other civilizations.

I expect in a few hours we’ll have to force her to go to bed, but I think we’ve got a few hours of history left in us….