Preparing your kids for future jobs with games – Part 2

Posted by dkidwell on March 23rd, 2006 — Posted in mmo, parenting, World of Warcraft

Wired – You Play World of Warcraft:  Youre Hired

“I used to worry about not having what I needed to get a job done,” he says. “Now I think of it like a quest; by being willing to improvise, I can usually find the people and resources I need to accomplish the task.” His story – translating experience in the virtual world into success in the real one - is bound to become more common as the gaming audience explodes and gameplay becomes more sophisticated. The day may not be far off when companies receive résumés that include a line reading “level 60 tauren shaman in World of Warcraft.”

This quote from Wired holds a really nice nugget for a gaming parent – why not look at the obstacles in front of you as one of the quests in your game?  Taken one step at a time, the task is likely to look less daunting, more achievable, and may even include a nice loot drop at the end.  String together a run of quests, and that promotion to ‘management’ falls right into play.

And the tedious quality of most educational programs?  Not so different from the ‘level grind’ in many MMOs.  Slog through high school, pick the toughest quests, read up on strategy on the side, do the same through college.   Now if only they would include a decent sword drop with the cap and gown…

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Comment by mamaskin

Thats how we are in my house. Do your *Quest* and hope for a good drop. haha.

Posted on May 13, 2006 at 10:06 am

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