Dance Dance Revolution encourages active kids

Posted by dkidwell on May 31st, 2006 — Posted in console games, parenting

This youngester is certainly better than I am at DDR, as seen in his own high scoring video:

5 year old & DDR

Nintendo’s new Wii controler is likely to bring even more gaming activity into our living rooms. Games like DDR are not only fun, but they get your heart rate up too.

Bring it on, Mom!

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It’s a red letter day. One of those days that a mother would normally put into a scrapbook, like the first haircut, a baby’s first steps, or the graduation from kindergarten.

Over dinner, we were discussing a Half Life 2 Deathmatch – parents against kids (my son and his friend, both going into 7th grade.) My son gazes across the table and looks at me flatly. “Bring it on, Mom.”

‘Nuff said. It’s on, kid!

Will your game playing kid grow up to be a doctor?

Posted by dkidwell on May 24th, 2006 — Posted in parenting – Study: Video games can help cut surgical errors – May 24, 2006

Surgeons who warmed up by playing video games like “Super Monkey Ball” for 20 minutes immediately prior to performing surgical drills were faster and made fewer errors than those who did not, said Dr. James “Butch” Rosser, lead investigator on the study slated for release Wednesday.

Super Monkey Ball My kids bought me “Super Monkey Ball” for the DS for my birthday. It’s a great little game. You play an adorable monkey in a bubble, and use the stylus or buttons to control the terrain under your bubble. It’s a simple game, but takes amazing concentration. You have to internalize the movements and get your brain aligned with the motion of your monkey. That being the case, it doesn’t surprise me that surgeons demonstrated increase accuracy and speed after playing.

SMB is a wonderful party game for the GameCube, and if you buy it on the DS you can use the download feature to play with other who do not have their own copies. Next time you see a kid playing, mention to them that surgeons have found it useful and ask them if they’ve considered medical school!

The generosity of gamers

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One of the things I love about the gaming community is how generous and compassionate they are. A perfect example was posted on Dubious Quality today, where a gaming clan has come together to help one of their own visit Disney. The poor kid has ankylosing spondylitis, a debilitating arthritis of the spine that strikes young people. The typical age of onset is between 17 and 35, and can result in a fusion of the spine. Rick is 23 and would like to go to Disney – and it’s just incredible how the gamers gather together to help out.

Read the whole story (especially the article “So how did all this come about…”) and consider donating over at: Rick 2 Disney

Mother’s celebrated on AOL Games

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Mom’s Got Game…

7 incredible mom gamer’s are profiled over on AOL right now [well, 6 + me 🙂 ]
They did a Mother’s Day profile on gamer moms. Each profile links to the mom’s site and has a full interview with them. It’s interesting to see that we all roughly have the same windows of time playing game and the same purchases this year. Anyone in marketing hearing that?

For the record, I spent Mother’s Day playing a little World of Warcraft, Lost Magic for the DS, and reading up on the history of innovation in technology. Oh, and eating incredibly good pancakes – thanks kids!