Kite or cursor?

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While this isn’t game related, my kids just thought this was hilarious. Austin is a city that just adores kites, and we have a rather large kite festival in the spring. This one has got to be the most ingenious I’ve seen.

Boing-Boing: Cursor kite

Cursor kite

4th of July, Games and Fireworks

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We took the family out on the road for the 4th – from Texas to Ohio.  These family road trips are fantastic.  Our gaming family goes off to go visit my husbands gaming family.  I suppose it isn’t surprising, but our holiday can be tracked by the games we played along the way:

Driving to Ohio:

  • Suduko
  • Find the Word Puzzles
  • A clever twist on Connect Four called “Toot and Otto,”  where you are Toot or Otto and have to spell out your name.
  • Nintendo DS games:
    • 3 team Mario KartS
    • Brother v. Brother matchups of Mario and Luigi in the downloadable game from Super Mario Bros. (punctuated with alot of “That’s MY star!”
    • Animal Crossing

At Grandma’s house:

  • Euchre, a fantastic card game with a confounding element that takes the Jack of the trump suit and turns it into a ‘Right Bower.’  The jack of the other suit becomes a “Left Bower” (so if the trump is spades, the left bower is the Jack of clubs, etc.) The heirarchy follows as:  Right Bower, Left Bower, Ace, King, Queen, Ten, Nine.  You throw away anything less than Nine. it if you need to know more!
  • Uno (with twentyfive cent winnings, paid in impressive piles of nickles.)
  • Bingo (again, twentyfive cent winning, but blackouts worth $1 – My youngest won $4.25 between the two games and is quite proud.)
  • More of the same Nintendo DS titles.
  • Solitaire:  Our oldest learned to play this one using real cards!
  • Freecell:  He picked this one up pretty fast, and thinks ahead, so he’s got a good mind for it.

4th of July in Batesville, Indiana

  • Corn Hole:  Where you toss bean bags into a box with a hole in it. Yep, that’s it.  This Texas girl didn’t play – give me horseshoes or washers, please. Down in the basement we found a box for  game where they called it Baggo.  Maybe it’s Baggo in Cincy and Corn Hole in Indy?
  • World of Warcraft:  yes, the farmhouse has a robust wifi and my son was able to log in, check the auction house and get a quick fix of WoW.

We didn’t have time for any Hand and Foot, which is a variation of Canasta.  We’ll have to catch it next time, our 9yo is quite good at it and loves playing.

My ladies league fantasy football draft started up a week ago, so there was drafting throughout the holiday.  After the draft I’ll post a summary of the draft, but so far it’s going well!

With so much going on, we couldn’t get up to Origins, a large gaming convention in Columbus.  Next year we’ll really have to extend our visit so we can get up there.
Graeter’s Ice Cream, Skyline Chili, and gaming – we just love visiting Grandma!