Sony’s Pink Playstation 2

Posted by dkidwell on August 21st, 2006 — Posted in parenting

Sony announced that they’ll be releasing a pink Playstation 2 at the Games Convention, Leipzig later this week. While I am not eager to get a new PS3 when it arrives, Guitar Hero has almost made it worth picking up a PS2.

A snippet from their press release about the pink ps2:

“PlayStation 2 is the accessible, affordable way to enjoy new social, communal and interactive entertainment experiences, through software titles like SingStar, Buzz and EyeToy”, said Dan Hill, PlayStation 2 European Brand Manager. “The Pink PlayStation 2 is funky, fresh, and fashionable, and will further broaden the console’s continuing popularity and relevance with a fun new twist”.

Really? Sony has never been top of mind when it comes to accessible, affordable ways to enjoy social games – least not in my mind. That’s firmly positioned for Nintendo, even more so with the social gaming that we’ll see in the new Nintendo Wii.

Kudos for a nice looking device, though. It’s not easy to make a pink device that’s not over the top girly (so much so that even girls won’t touch it.) This one looks sharp – can already hear that girl band rockin, out…

Pink PS2

Posted by dkidwell on August 8th, 2006 — Posted in parenting, reviews launched last month.  Very promising review site who have a nice description of what makes their reviews different:

  • What skills do kids need to play the game? Some games require fast reflexes, some require logic skills, and some require reading. All skills that may be problematic for your child. These may be games to avoid, or games to pick up to help your children grow.
  • Is the ESRB rating accurate? As I said above, the ESRB ratings just give the basics about what content is in the game. Our reviews will go into more detail. Maybe the rating was too low. Maybe it was too high. Our reviews will discuss what we think the rating really should be. Every parent is different of course, so help us to provide more information. If a game had foul language that we missed, point it out. If we make a mistake about the level of violence, let us know. We want the reviews here to help all parents, so the more information the better.
  • What did our kids really think? Every game here will be played by one of the authors’ kids. Real kids are playing these games and our reviews will reflect that.
  • Our reviews will focus on the pre-teen and younger audience. Our reviews will primary cover video games for consoles and handhelds, but PC/Mac games may be covered as well.
  • Lastly, most parents don’t want to just let their kids play games by themselves. Our reviewers will also play the games and tell if they enjoyed playing it as well.

There are so many games and so many review sites, that it is heartening to a site with knowledgeable parents and plenty of kids to test the games out.

Kudos guys and can’t wait to see more!

Brush your teeth, or else!

Posted by dkidwell on August 4th, 2006 — Posted in parenting

So maybe it’s a little extreme, and my Waldorf-educating friend may not approve, but my kids were giving me a horrible time about brushing their teeth, so I threathened them with the following image of an enemy Strogg from the latest Quake game:

Quake Strogg Teeth

The desired response was achieved, with two gleefully squealing kids yelling ‘EWWWW’ and running of to brush their teeth. For the record, the kids do not not play Quake, nor will they any time soon. And, those teeth aren’t any worse than Grimm’s Fairy Tales – and just as effective!