Mike Musgrove – In the Wii-PS3 Playoff, Nintendo Upsets Sony on the Fun Factor – washingtonpost.com

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Mike Musgrove – In the Wii-PS3 Playoff, Nintendo Upsets Sony on the Fun Factor – washingtonpost.com

This article in the Washington Post is a concise look at some folks experiencing the Wii and PS3 side by side. If you are trying to decide, it’s a good read.

“While the people in my group preferred looking at the PS3’s games, they preferred playing the Wii.”

Fish On!

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Fishing in Zelda – Twilight Princess is much like real fishing….

  • quiet
  • a bit slow
  • and fun when you are catching!

A few tips from our Master Angler, Harry:

  • Bee Larva improves your fishing (you can eat bee larva, if you really wanted too)
    1. Can be purchased in town from Sera’s Sundries
    2. Can be scooped from knocked down bee hives (a nice task for you hawk) You’ll need an empty bottle, so get one from the Sera and drink the milk that is in it.
  • Casting
    1. Casting is pretty easy – hold down B and toss it out into the water.
    2. You can aim by facing where you want to cast.
    3. Faster throws will cast a big further out.
    4. Always remember to wear your wrist strap.
  • Hooking
    1. When the bobber balances, you’ll see a fish tug.
    2. Pull your arm straight up and if you have the fish hooked you’ll see:

“Fish On!”


  • Fish Journal
    1. Use your “+” and find the journal in your inventor.
    2. Press “A” to open it
    3. You’ll see the largest of each fish breed and a count.

Zelda is a catch and release game, at least so far. On occassion Sera’s kitty will grab your fish and run off with it, but you don’t get to keep the fish yourself.


Right now, my sons are too far along in the game and not close to water, so they are fishing on my game file. I’m getting a little weary of catfish, and expect to go wandering soon.

If you ever complained about your kids being vegetables in front of the TV…

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The Wii may be your solution. We have not had a single minute of Cartoon Network or the Disney Channel since we got the Wii up and running on Sunday. Not one minute. No Hanna Montana, no Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends. We had to negotiate for Monday Night Football.

The Wii is a guarantee that couch potatoes never take root in your living room!
Wii Bowl

Wii Sports – Tennis

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The Wii Sports tennis game is really well done, a few tips…

  • Each of the kids takes a different section of the living room with plenty of room, and volley the ball back and forth. You won’t want to stand too close – even though you aren’t hitting the ball at the same time, the opportunities for collisions are pretty high. Space out and let your kids really move around.
  • It seems to be harder to cross the court, and we haven’t mastered that.
  • The Wii remote makes a very nice sound as the rack swings and hits the ball. Watching a game is much like watching Wimbledon games in the late 1970s and early 1980s. So far, I don’t seem to have a John McEnroe in the family. Thank goodness.

Wii remote review

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The whole family (even Grandma) gives initial thoughts from the family about the Wii remote:

Harry (age 13)-

  • “It’s really light and like a small DVD remote – it’s great!”
  • “It’s small, and fits in your hand.”
  • “It’s really simple to use the buttons.”

Epiphany (age 10) –

  • “At first it’s a little hard to control, but in less than 5 minutes you can really get good with it.”
  • “This is probably the coolest Nintendo thing ever.”
  • “Straps are required. If you don’t wear the wrist strap, it could fly off and hit the TV or the wall”
  • “It’s cool how it makes noises when you do stuff.”
  • “I really like having the B button on the botton, instead of on the top.”

George (age 7) –

  • “It’s really cool. It’s really easy. You barely notice that it’s wrapped around your wrist. You can move it really fast”

Mom (age 36) –

  • The sleeves will be a good idea – no fighting over who’s remote is who and if one is lost we’ll know who lost it.
  • Definitely – wear your wrist strap.
  • Make sure you have room to move around in the living room. It’s hard not to really move and get into the sports games.

Dad (age 36) –

  • It’s really good in the right or left hand.
  • It’s good for any size of hand.
  • I was expecting more weight out of it, but it’s really light. The batteries add weight on the bottom and I myself would like a little more balance in the weight.
  • In the Bowling game, you can get alot of precision with the spin and speed of the ball of the remote.

Grandma (age 66) –

  • With one hand, it was fairly easy to use. (Grandma had a stroke a while back and can only use her left hand.)
  • “I really liked how easy it was to use and type, especially when you personalize your Mii.”

These impressions do not include the nunchuck, since we have been Bowling and playing Tennis all day. [And for those that are keeping track, the kitten is sleeping in the other room and is quite content.]

Wii in motion