Parent 2009 Conundrum #1 – Our Xbox dies right after Christmas

Posted by dkidwell on January 2nd, 2009 — Posted in parenting

16 months into our Xbox 360’s life and there it is – The Red Ring of Death.   H. was out slaying zombies on New Year’s Eve (a worthy pasttime), and 5 minutes later, we’ve got the evil eye coming from the Xbox.   We bought the Elite model in hopes that we’d avoid this fate, but seems that didn’t help.

The evening continues as we make homemade eggnog and await the coming of the New Year with family.   Discussion and debates abound, with an occassional pause to go unplug the thing yet again in hopes that “this time!” the Xbox will cheerily come back to fully zombie-slaying mode.  Nope!

The discussion:  how long have we had this thing?  Should it be under warranty?  Wasn’t this issue solved by the time we late adopted bought ours?

The debate:   Is the a class-action suit we can join?  Will the store take it back?  Which store did we buy it at anyway?  If they can’t fix it, what then?  How long are we willing to go without one?

For the moment, we’ve opted to neglect the box, finish painting the upstairs, and spend the boys gaming time in Warhammer Online.   But once the paint is dry, we’ll need to try and get it fixed.  This silly box is a big draw for my son’s highschool buddies and we’ve really got a nice selection of games for the things.

Sigh, I suppose I should just get in line behind all the Microsoft Vista support requests and wait and see?

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