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We’re a family of gamers.

Board games, card games, PC games, console games, role playing games, and even the occasional out in the elements actual ball game – every member of the family plays. ┬áSince birth our kids have heard these basic rules:

  • Dice are NOT a mouth toy
  • Do not bend the cards
  • Let the group know if you afk to go potty, but you do not have to give details

We have discovered the most effective punishments are often executed in game, as are the sweetest rewards.

We have discovered that good parenting is good parenting, and games are a wonderful tool. For example, in the virtual world of MMOs (massive multiplayer online games) you are known by your actions. You ARE what you say and do. And while in game you can role up a new character if you screw up the reputation of one character, once you have dedicated 60 hours in game, gotten to that first mystical milestone, and got your first round of uberloot, the price for being a bad gamer is high.

I hope these pages are useful for Moms and Dads who do not game, as well as those who do. It can be a crazy complex and, yes, even dangerous world out there. May these insights help you relate better to your little ones (and to the tall, stretched out of shape not so little ones).

Donna K. Kidwell

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