If you ever complained about your kids being vegetables in front of the TV…

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The Wii may be your solution. We have not had a single minute of Cartoon Network or the Disney Channel since we got the Wii up and running on Sunday. Not one minute. No Hanna Montana, no Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends. We had to negotiate for Monday Night Football.

The Wii is a guarantee that couch potatoes never take root in your living room!
Wii Bowl

Wii Sports – Tennis

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The Wii Sports tennis game is really well done, a few tips…

  • Each of the kids takes a different section of the living room with plenty of room, and volley the ball back and forth. You won’t want to stand too close – even though you aren’t hitting the ball at the same time, the opportunities for collisions are pretty high. Space out and let your kids really move around.
  • It seems to be harder to cross the court, and we haven’t mastered that.
  • The Wii remote makes a very nice sound as the rack swings and hits the ball. Watching a game is much like watching Wimbledon games in the late 1970s and early 1980s. So far, I don’t seem to have a John McEnroe in the family. Thank goodness.

Me and my Mii….

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First off, I should say that the music on the Wii is incredibly pleasant. This is important if you have it on for a couple of hours while you are debating which router setting is holding up the show. Seems we assign too few IP addresses. Jack and the kids are off to pick up Grandma, so I’m straightening the house, created a few Mii-folk, and pondering a jaunt at Zelda while I wait.

or maybe Red Steel……I’ll let you know….

Cables, components, manuals and surge protectors….

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So…we are nearly the Wii hour…but not quite yet…

Turns out that before we could do any Wii Sports, we needed to spend a few hours doing the Cable Dance. Jack seems to think that I have held up the show – I apparently have pretty serious ‘cable issues.’ “All this would have been done a while ago, except she has this issue with seeing wires….”

Hmmm….I’m still seeing wires, so I’m not sure about just how dire my ‘cable issues’ are. I certainly don’t want to be tripping over wires, or unable to close the cabinet doors because of them. Apparently a trip to Fry’s will make all this much easier. Fry’s is the purveyor of a very particular magic box (High-def component switchbox). Jack’s TV is somehow lacking – it has a mere 2 imputs. This is the same TV that we waited for patiently and is the only TV worth watching certain football games.

We finally have Wii!

We nicknamed our Wii, Zakalwe, a mercenary for hire from the Ian Bank’s Culture books. We don’t know how’s we’ll end up using the nickname, but once we do I’ll let you know so you can name yours approrpriately.

Now, we pick up Grandma, and make up our Miis. (What is the plural form of Wii and Mii, anyway?) While we are waiting, you can make your own Mii here.

Again soon!

[The kitten has been sleeping all day on the sofa. She is content, as are we. 🙂 ]

Kitty checks out the wii


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We just brought home the Wii….wooo! The chronicle:


9:00pm: Last night we cruised to our local Target, GameStop, Best Buy and Walmart at I35 and Parmer and scoped the scene.

  • Walmart’s line was already longer than their inventory (28).
  • GameStop had presold it’s inventory.
  • Target expected to have 24.
  • Best Buy expect to have 15 (but ended up selling 45), and ToysRUs had 22 (plus their 10 preorders.)

[Sidenote: there was a 4 mth old kitten on our porch that we hadn’t seen in the neighborhood, we left her some food.]

9:30pm: We went home and tried to sleep. [Kitten had eaten all the food and was sleeping on the porch.]



3:00am: Jack left to get in line. Target and Best Buy were full, and he ended up 7th in line.

6:30am: I came by to let him get coffee and a bathroom break. [Kitten is freezing on the porch so we let her come inside. She is immediately comfortable.]

7:30am: The folks at Toys-R-Us handed out tickets and let us head home.

8:04am: With kolaches and coffee, we checked Target just to see how they did and picked up Zelda, Super Monkey Ball and Red Steel (and a $20 Target gift card – w00t)

8:30am: Began to clean and prep the house for the Wii festival to come. [Kitten meets dogs, that seems to go well. Hmmmm….do we have a new cat? Let’s leave her on the porch when we leave.]

10:00am: Purchased our Wii at Toys-R-Us…victory!
We’re at home now, getting set up. [The Kitten was still home and expecting to come inside when we arrived. No one seems concerned that we have both a kitten AND a Wii.]

More Wii news to come. [And if you happen to have a Wii inspired name for a kitten – drop us a comment! ]

Wii collection