DS Daily – 1st Place and loads of letters

Posted by dkidwell on December 30th, 2005 — Posted in Animal Crossing, Nintendo DS, Nintendogs, parenting

Whew! Quick status update on the games…


Max is my German Shepherd, and a natural at Disc competitions. He won 1st place in the open competition today with a total of 21 pts and some very nice jumping catches at long distances. Way to go Max!

On the down side, he’s forgotten how to sit down on command. So do you delete the command and start again or hope that it comes back? At this point, we’re unlikely to do well in the Obedience trials.

My daughter’s beagle, Rachel, seems to not like canned dog food. So, no more for her. Max has an adversion to sticks, and growled at the thing until I put it away.

Animal Crossing – Wild World:

Wrote a ton of letters and sent out gifts to the whole dern town. From playing on the GameCube, I know that letters are key to successful relationships with the town folks. Oh, and bizarre real life parallel – real estate agents with databases that they consistent send relevant and useful correspondence with tend to do really well. If you meet an agent who’s netting 6 Million Gross Commission Income or more you can bet that they are sending out letters. Works in real life, works in Animal Crossing.

Nintendogs Best Friends Bundle

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My daughter got a DS too – and while mine came from Hong Kong, her’s came from the North Pole.

She got the teal Nintendo DS Best Friends bundle – came with:

  1. A teal & black Nintendo DS system – the teal is a lovely pearl tone and is offset by the black very well. It’s a darn good looking device.
  2. The Best Friends Version of Nintendogs – complete with the following breeds: Labrador Retriever, Miniature Dachshund, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Beagle and Yorkshire Terriers
  3. A DS shammie for cleaning your dual screens. Shaped like a little bone too…darn cute.
  4. A Nintendogs skin – subtle but cute and should protect her case.
  5. She adores it, and commented that her Teal/Black and my Pink/White versions go really well together. Extra points for both form factor and aesthetics, Nintendo!

Candy Pink Nintendo DS

Posted by dkidwell on December 28th, 2005 — Posted in daughters, Nintendo DS, Nintendogs, reviews

Lik-sang sent along my Candy Pink Nintendo DS is a fast 2 day turnaround – shipped from Hong Kong on a faster turn around than anything we got from Amazon. Not only did they ship the DS, but we also got a cute little mouse pad, a teeny anime toy, and a Lik-Sang badge holder. Not bad! They threw in a $5 off coupon for our next purchase too.

Lik-sang has fantastic anime toys – animal crossing figures – you could even assemble a small pikmen army!

Now, lessons learned:

If you buy from a vendor who is off-shore, you won’t get a warranty. I don’t plan on mistreating my DS, but I don’t have a warranty during this first year like my daughter’s US version will. Take care!

Lik-sang has been involved with law suits over their international commerce service. Essentially Sony trying to keep them from selling PSPs to European customers before they could buy it local. That was in August, and things seem to be quieter. Nintendo sued them back in 2002 and won, that time over the sale of devices that could copy Gameboy Advanced games. Seems that one was a weaker arguement, and the founder of Lik-Sang published his thoughts on the suit.

I’m very happy all in all with my Pink DS – wouldn’t send it back for the warranty – as soon as I get my camera to focus on the screen I’ll start loading up some shots 🙂

Where can you find a pink Nintendo DS?

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These guys will ship the various colors from Japan. The DS is region free, which means you can purchase a system from Japan and play US releases on it without worries. Your manual will be in Japanese…but will that make a different? It also has all the languages – Engligh, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Japanese – so that’s not an issue either.

White, teal and graphite are still available with quick shipping – pink ships in 1-2 weeks:

Buy Nintendo Nintendo DS (Candy Pink) – Play-Asia.com

If you actually need a pink one by Christmas, and don’t want a bidding war at ebay, try these folks:

Lik-Sang – Candy Pink Nintendo DS

Flash » Nintendogs (Nintendo Dogs)

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Flash » Nintendogs (Nintendo Dogs)

Check out these pups…terribly cute! It doesn’t look like it’s too difficult to toss the ball or frisbee, or even swing that jumprope.

Can’t wait for Christmas!!