Toddlers and MMO addictions

Posted by dkidwell on July 20th, 2005 — Posted in ages 0-3, mmo, pc games

Dark Age of Camelot was my first true MMO. Back in college I haunted MUDs, but managed to navigate around the early Ultima days in favor of Magic the Gathering and RTS and Lan games with the fellas. Maybe it’s because I live in Austin and knew too many people who worked for Origins, maybe it was because we were investing shamefully in boxes of MtG cards….either way, DAOC was the first MMO to really draw me in.

Gorgo, our youngest, was a mere babe when DAOC came out. In October of 2001 he was 2 years old. He’d been in my arms for months of Age of Empires and Diablo II – we were both used to extended nursing at the keys. He wasn’t nursing by the time DAOC launched (still strikes me as the most incredible software launch I’ve witnessed). But he was very very comfortable on the lap of a gaming parent.

He’s the 3rd of the bunch: my first had been born of the Age of Magic the Gathering, and Avalon Hill board games were the trend when my second was little. Gorgo, however, was reaching for the keys to bat randomly and coo at the masses of pygmies. He was born into a world where it was normal to have his dad emote gestures to him in game. He’d point out which mob I should go after. He’d giggle excitedly at the strange monsters and throw those piercing 2yo shrieks at me if I didn’t chase down the mob he intended me to engage. Guildies learned that if I wandered off, it was likely to appease the toddler (Lornadoone says, ‘just a sec, kid aggro’)

By 3, he was taking my mouse to adjust my camera angle (mom prefers a much closer camera focus than dad, who prefers to see more of the environment around him.)

He’s almost 6 now, and can play my characters reasonably well when the environment is set up for him. I miss the days of the little ones, and love reading the blogs of the mom’s with their newborns. One of the best I’ve seen can be found out at