If you ever complained about your kids being vegetables in front of the TV…

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The Wii may be your solution. We have not had a single minute of Cartoon Network or the Disney Channel since we got the Wii up and running on Sunday. Not one minute. No Hanna Montana, no Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends. We had to negotiate for Monday Night Football.

The Wii is a guarantee that couch potatoes never take root in your living room!
Wii Bowl

Civ 4 – Dad & Daughter Explore History

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As I sit here blogging, Dad is showing our 9 year old daughter the various civilizations that are available as starting civs in Sid Meier’s Civilization IV. The English regents to chose from are: Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Victoria. (Interestingly, there are 5 different female regents to pick from, out of a total of 18 civilzations.)

Each monarch has a nice portrait (in period costume) with a small description of the characterists of their civilization:

Elizabeth I is recognized as Philosophical and Financial, while Victoria is noted as Expansive and Financial. Nice little stepping off point to a mini-history lesson.

They’ve just started, so we may have more actual commentary later. At the moment, my daughter’s astute assessment is that the game is likely to take ‘6.5 hours, or forever.’ Is it possible that she has baby memories of the Avalon Hill board game and endless days of Civ parties? Maybe this is more an observation about her father and his proclivity for gaming?

Overheard comment:
Daughter: “Why would you want slavery? Slavery is bad?”
Dad: “Well, it has a use in the game, and later on you can also get emancipation.”
Daughter: “Oh, so it’s useful?”
From there a conversation ensues about the way people respond to slavery, and the dynamics of slavery across other civilizations.

I expect in a few hours we’ll have to force her to go to bed, but I think we’ve got a few hours of history left in us….

GameFam: Just Say No…To Bad Parenting

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GameFam: Just Say No…To Bad Parenting

Dan Matkowsky quotes an article that makes me wonder if this woman is of the same species:

In the article, Roxanne Richardson, soon-to-be mother of two, contends, “I’d rather my son take a more proactive, less habitual drug like cocaine, than lock himself away and play video games. It’s so lazy. At least with pills and coke you’re out and about doing something.”

Wow…let’s talk about lazy for a second.
It’s Friday – my husband and I spent the week working, fighting off the flu, and doing all the chores that a family of 5 treats as everyday life (laundry, dishes, dinner, repeat).

What are we doing right now, having finished all that? We’re gaming with our kids.

Dad and the boys are playing Warcraft. Actively teaching our youngest, who is 6, the strategy necessary to keep up his production of units to help out the team.

Mom and daughter are exploring Electroplankton, using a keyboard to tune our voices and discovering how the plankton react to our directives. Huge music lesson here in how the scale works, etc.

Now, I’m sorry, but are my kids engaging in a lazy habitual activity? Exactly who is the lazy parent here?

Any parent who advocates cocaine, even in jest, is simply competing for a Darwin Award.

Nintendogs Best Friends Bundle

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My daughter got a DS too – and while mine came from Hong Kong, her’s came from the North Pole.

She got the teal Nintendo DS Best Friends bundle – came with:

  1. A teal & black Nintendo DS system – the teal is a lovely pearl tone and is offset by the black very well. It’s a darn good looking device.
  2. The Best Friends Version of Nintendogs – complete with the following breeds: Labrador Retriever, Miniature Dachshund, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Beagle and Yorkshire Terriers
  3. A DS shammie for cleaning your dual screens. Shaped like a little bone too…darn cute.
  4. A Nintendogs skin – subtle but cute and should protect her case.
  5. She adores it, and commented that her Teal/Black and my Pink/White versions go really well together. Extra points for both form factor and aesthetics, Nintendo!

Candy Pink Nintendo DS

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Lik-sang sent along my Candy Pink Nintendo DS is a fast 2 day turnaround – shipped from Hong Kong on a faster turn around than anything we got from Amazon. Not only did they ship the DS, but we also got a cute little mouse pad, a teeny anime toy, and a Lik-Sang badge holder. Not bad! They threw in a $5 off coupon for our next purchase too.

Lik-sang has fantastic anime toys – animal crossing figures – you could even assemble a small pikmen army!

Now, lessons learned:

If you buy from a vendor who is off-shore, you won’t get a warranty. I don’t plan on mistreating my DS, but I don’t have a warranty during this first year like my daughter’s US version will. Take care!

Lik-sang has been involved with law suits over their international commerce service. Essentially Sony trying to keep them from selling PSPs to European customers before they could buy it local. That was in August, and things seem to be quieter. Nintendo sued them back in 2002 and won, that time over the sale of devices that could copy Gameboy Advanced games. Seems that one was a weaker arguement, and the founder of Lik-Sang published his thoughts on the suit.

I’m very happy all in all with my Pink DS – wouldn’t send it back for the warranty – as soon as I get my camera to focus on the screen I’ll start loading up some shots 🙂