Wii – Kids Burn 40% More Calories Says Research

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Anyone who’s tried boxing on Wii Sports won’t be surprised that the research is showing genuine fitness benefits with the Wii. It’s not only fun – it’s quite a bit of work!
Wii – Kids Burn 40% More Calories Says Research

New research commissioned by Liverpool John Moores University has shown that kids who regularly play Wii games burn up a significantly larger amount of calories than kids who play other consoles, or spend their time passively watching TV.

The study, headed-up by John Moore’s researcher Professor, Tim Cable, claims that regular use of Wii could help kids shift 27lb (12.25kg) a year.

Dragonball Z, Budokai Tenkaichi 2 – Wii remote or old school controllers?

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Turns out my son has found it far easier to play Dragonball Z – Budokan Techkaichi 2 – using the Wavebird wireless controllers that we bought for our Gamecube, rather than learning to use the wiimote. Flying, moving around and generally doing ‘cool stuff’ was just too difficult.

It seems that button mashing is easier in the old style controllers, rather than using arm motions to achieve the same effect. Is this a lack of wii-muscles? Is it poor design?

We’ve suggested that our older son opt for the wiimote when playing his younger brother, who could use the old style controller. This effectively provides a handicap to even out the two boys, who are about 6 years apart in age.

The camera angles in Dragonball Z – Budokai Tenkaichi 2 – are well done and really do have the feel of being in the cartoon. The fighting effects are rather nice, and it’s captivating the fellas for a surprising amount of game time.

Lesson learned, don’t be ashamed to use the old school controllers on the new Wii!

“Easter Island Really Exists!”

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Wii wins again…

We were checking our weather forecast tonite on our Wii, which always ends up in a spin around the globe. Epiphany exclaimed, “Easter Island Really Exists! I didn’t know that!” She’s thrilled and now we’re out on Wikipedia exploring the mysteries of Easter Island:
Easter Island – Wikipedia:the free encyclopedia

Today in Easter Island, it’s 75 degrees, mostly clear with intermittent schattered showers. Easter Island is part of Chilie, but lies 2237 miles to the west in the Pacific. That’s a about the same distance as if you were to drive the 2,283 miles from Jacksonville, Florida to Joshua Tree National Park in California.
George speculated that this is the home of the Easter Bunny, which is terrifically logical. And, clear proof that Jack and I are, in fact, grownups. We never thought of that.

If you haven’t downloaded your Wii update and explored our lovely planet – go do so, now!

Mike Musgrove – In the Wii-PS3 Playoff, Nintendo Upsets Sony on the Fun Factor – washingtonpost.com

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Mike Musgrove – In the Wii-PS3 Playoff, Nintendo Upsets Sony on the Fun Factor – washingtonpost.com

This article in the Washington Post is a concise look at some folks experiencing the Wii and PS3 side by side. If you are trying to decide, it’s a good read.

“While the people in my group preferred looking at the PS3’s games, they preferred playing the Wii.”

Fish On!

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Fishing in Zelda – Twilight Princess is much like real fishing….

  • quiet
  • a bit slow
  • and fun when you are catching!

A few tips from our Master Angler, Harry:

  • Bee Larva improves your fishing (you can eat bee larva, if you really wanted too)
    1. Can be purchased in town from Sera’s Sundries
    2. Can be scooped from knocked down bee hives (a nice task for you hawk) You’ll need an empty bottle, so get one from the Sera and drink the milk that is in it.
  • Casting
    1. Casting is pretty easy – hold down B and toss it out into the water.
    2. You can aim by facing where you want to cast.
    3. Faster throws will cast a big further out.
    4. Always remember to wear your wrist strap.
  • Hooking
    1. When the bobber balances, you’ll see a fish tug.
    2. Pull your arm straight up and if you have the fish hooked you’ll see:

“Fish On!”


  • Fish Journal
    1. Use your “+” and find the journal in your inventor.
    2. Press “A” to open it
    3. You’ll see the largest of each fish breed and a count.

Zelda is a catch and release game, at least so far. On occassion Sera’s kitty will grab your fish and run off with it, but you don’t get to keep the fish yourself.


Right now, my sons are too far along in the game and not close to water, so they are fishing on my game file. I’m getting a little weary of catfish, and expect to go wandering soon.